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Being aware is important. Sadly, the quality of factual reporting has taken a hit due to which people have either stopped watching the news or have developed views that are backed by fake news, unchecked reports, biased opinion and vested political interests.

To address this, we believe in factual reporting and provide to our viewers unbiased, unadulterated facts. We bring to you verified news, without any opinion. Yes! We like to keep our opinion to ourselves (or limited to our Op-ed Section- Politically Incorrect).

We try to handpick those news items which are most relevant and help us become aware citizens and informed decision-makers. Based on your feedback, we are trying to incorporate newer sections that are of interest to the youth at large. So, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Our journey: ulaunch started with a focus on news relevant to entrepreneurs. So, we handpicked news items and reported them minus the drama. We brought forward stories of innovation, ideas and creation that seek to highlight the noteworthy entrepreneurs of the world in general and India in particular. We covered initiatives that, while aiming for economic success (and some non-profits too), worked towards addressing real problems and ultimately contribute towards the creation of a sustainable world.

Our future plans: We are a small team. While we try to curate most of the content ourselves, some thoughtful readers consistently contribute to our initiative by providing us with relevant leads and content. Currently, we are transitioning to emerge as a media platform relevant to not just youth but also the working population at large. Towards this goal, we are expanding our coverage to other domains based on the feedback of our readers. We incorporate the virtues of sustainability and inclusiveness in our functioning. Towards this end, we aspire to promote UN Sustainable Development Goals and advocate Social Entrepreneurship among our audience.

Our Ownership: ulaunch is owned by Skasis Marketing Private Limited and through our activities, we aim to ultimately contribute towards factual, people-centric, unbiased reporting.

Team ulaunch

Haresh is the founder and Chairperson of ulaunch. His expertise spreads across Corporate Affairs and Communications, Operations and Public Speaking. He imparts the vision and broad framework for ulaunch. He aims to build a robust network where ideas and collaboration can result in an effective transformation of society. He is passionate about political affairs, international relations and Formula1.

Subhav Duggal is one of the co-founder and COO of ulaunch. He is an engineer whose experience spans across fields like Solar Power and Information & Communication Technology in different capacities. Environment stability, sustainable development and nation-building are the broad goals towards which he wants to contribute his efforts. He is passionate about football and quizzing.

Harshil Bansal is the CTO of ulaunch. He is an engineer with expertise in Robotics, Hardware Designing and the Internet of Things. Apart from conducting trainings, he is working on multiple low-cost socio-technical projects that aim to solve the problems prevailing in the world. He is passionate about technology, space and human psychology.





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