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Whatsapp, Twitter vs Indian Government’s New IT Rules Featured Image

WhatsApp, Twitter vs Indian Government’s New IT Rules

Team ulaunch explains the causes of the tussle between Whatsapp, Twitter and the Government of India over the new IT rules.
Ever Given & Suez Canal Featured Image

Ever Given and Suez Canal – A Tragic Love Story

Team ulaunch sheds light on all that went down in the Suez Canal and more. What has happened? A massive cargo container ship called Ever Given...
Understanding the Indian Innovation Index and R&D Ecosystem Featured Image

Understanding the Indian Innovation Index and R&D Ecosystem

Q. What is Indian Innovation Index? Indian Innovation Index is developed and published by NITI Aayog along with the Institute for Competitiveness. This index was...
Investment Ventures that Tackle Investment Ventures that Tackle Climate Change Featured ImageClimate Change Featured Image

Investment Ventures that Tackle Climate Change

Robert Downey Jr and Elon Musk recently announced their plans to take on climate change. Team ulaunch sheds light on different financial paths to...
Budget 2021-22 Highlights Featured Image

Budget 2021-22 Highlights

Team ulaunch brings you the Key Takeaways from the Union Budget 2021-22. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman presented her 3rd Union Budget on 1 February 2021....
Sensex 50000 Featured Image

Sensex 50000

ulaunch sheds light on SENSEX reaching 50,000 landmark during COVID slowdown
Environmental Racism Featured Image

Environmental Racism: An Authoritarian Theory of Prejudices

Team ulaunch elucidates the concept of Environment Racism prevalent in recent times. What is Environmental racism? Environmental Racism is used to describe the injustices that occur...
Uttarakhand Glacier Burst Featured Image

Uttarakhand Glacier Burst

A glacier burst took place on Sunday in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand resulting in a flash flood.
SDG India Index 2020-21 Featured Image

SDG India Index 2020-21

Team launch sheds light on the third edition of the SDG India Index report that was recently released by the Niti Aayog. What is the...
Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing – A Technological Revolution

Team ulaunch unveils and explains the future of technology: Quantum computing. The laws of traditional physics as we see around us do not work at...