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Neeva - Ad free Search Engine Featured Image

Neeva- Search.Re-imagined

Neeva: An Ad-free, User First, Search Engine being developed by IIT grads to ensure your privacy is protected.
Whatsapp, Twitter vs Indian Government’s New IT Rules Featured Image

WhatsApp, Twitter vs Indian Government’s New IT Rules

Team ulaunch explains the causes of the tussle between Whatsapp, Twitter and the Government of India over the new IT rules.
Image showing Simlipal Fire in Simlipal Biosphere Reserve

Simlipal Fire – Biosphere Reserve up in flames

ulaunch sheds light on the Simlipal Biosphere Reserve in Odisha that has been engulfed within the flames of fire for the past 16 days. What...
Ever Given & Suez Canal Featured Image

Ever Given and Suez Canal – A Tragic Love Story

Team ulaunch sheds light on all that went down in the Suez Canal and more. What has happened? A massive cargo container ship called Ever Given...
Environmental Racism Featured Image

Environmental Racism: An Authoritarian Theory of Prejudices

Team ulaunch elucidates the concept of Environment Racism prevalent in recent times. What is Environmental racism? Environmental Racism is used to describe the injustices that occur...
Disha Ravi Arrest and the Toolkit Case Featured Image

Disha Ravi Arrest and the Toolkit Case

Team ulaunch presents the brief on the arrest of the climate activist Disha Ravi and the Toolkit. Q. What has happened? On Saturday, 13th February 2021,...
Tejas Soars Featured Image

Tejas Soars: ulaunch explains the importance of the deal

Q. What has happened?The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) has recently cleared the much-awaited Rs 48,000 crore deal for 83 LCA (Light Combat Aircraft)...
WhatsApp uproar Featured Image

The WhatsApp Uproar: ulaunch explains the changes

What has happened?WhatsApp has announced changes to its Terms of Service (ToS) starting February 8, 2021. Users must agree to the changes, or they...
India’s Agrarian Situation A Discussion Featured Image

India’s Agrarian Situation: A Discussion

The first lecture in TERI SAS Lecture Series on Sustainability, Agrarian Crisis, Sustainable Development and Contemporary Farm Policies in India, discusses the agrarian situation...
Coviself Covid-19 Self - Testing Kit Featured Image

Coviself – India’s First Covid-19 Self-Test Kit

The Rapid Antigen Test Kit “Coviself”, developed by Pune based startup Mylab, can be used at home. It will be available across India from...