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Impact of Texas Deep Freeze Featured Image

Texas Deep Freeze

Team ulaunch sheds light on the Texas Deep Freeze (Cold Wave) and Power Outage that has led to unprecedented disruption in the desert state.  What...
WhatsApp uproar Featured Image

The WhatsApp Uproar: ulaunch explains the changes

What has happened?WhatsApp has announced changes to its Terms of Service (ToS) starting February 8, 2021. Users must agree to the changes, or they...
The Worst Widespread Diseases in Human History Featured Image

The Worst Widespread Diseases in Human History

Team ulaunch sheds light on widespread diseases humanity has faced that have been and are ongoing. What is the classification of widespread diseases commonly used? Various...
Whatsapp, Twitter vs Indian Government’s New IT Rules Featured Image

WhatsApp, Twitter vs Indian Government’s New IT Rules

Team ulaunch explains the causes of the tussle between Whatsapp, Twitter and the Government of India over the new IT rules.
Budget 2021-22 Highlights Featured Image

Budget 2021-22 Highlights

Team ulaunch brings you the Key Takeaways from the Union Budget 2021-22. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman presented her 3rd Union Budget on 1 February 2021....
Tesla Entry in India Featured Image

ulaunch explains Tesla’s Entry in India

What has happened? Elon Musk led Tesla has finally entered India after years of speculation.The US electric vehicle giant has registered as Tesla India Motors...
Palm Oil Impact Featured Image

Palm Oil – The Bane of Asian Forests

Team ulaunch explains why palm oil is unsustainable and has led to widespread deforestation in South-East Asia. What is Palm Oil? Palm oil is an edible...
Buxwaha Forest Bunder Diamond Mining Featured Image

Buxwaha Forest: Bunder Diamond Mining Issue

Team ulaunch explains the Buxwaha Forest Bunder Diamond Mining Project and its effects on priceless forests, wildlife, tribals and the environment?
India’s Agrarian Situation A Discussion Featured Image

India’s Agrarian Situation: A Discussion

The first lecture in TERI SAS Lecture Series on Sustainability, Agrarian Crisis, Sustainable Development and Contemporary Farm Policies in India, discusses the agrarian situation...
Environmental Racism Featured Image

Environmental Racism: An Authoritarian Theory of Prejudices

Team ulaunch elucidates the concept of Environment Racism prevalent in recent times. What is Environmental racism? Environmental Racism is used to describe the injustices that occur...