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Buxwaha Forest Bunder Diamond Mining Featured Image

Buxwaha Forest: Bunder Diamond Mining Issue

Team ulaunch explains the Buxwaha Forest Bunder Diamond Mining Project and its effects on priceless forests, wildlife, tribals and the environment?
SDG India Index 2020-21 Featured Image

SDG India Index 2020-21

Team launch sheds light on the third edition of the SDG India Index report that was recently released by the Niti Aayog. What is the...
Environmental Racism Featured Image

Environmental Racism: An Authoritarian Theory of Prejudices

Team ulaunch elucidates the concept of Environment Racism prevalent in recent times. What is Environmental racism? Environmental Racism is used to describe the injustices that occur...
The Worst Widespread Diseases in Human History Featured Image

The Worst Widespread Diseases in Human History

Team ulaunch sheds light on widespread diseases humanity has faced that have been and are ongoing. What is the classification of widespread diseases commonly used? Various...
Coviself Covid-19 Self - Testing Kit Featured Image

Coviself – India’s First Covid-19 Self-Test Kit

The Rapid Antigen Test Kit “Coviself”, developed by Pune based startup Mylab, can be used at home. It will be available across India from...
Policy Coherence & Governance for Sustainable Development Featured Image

Policy Coherence & Governance for Sustainable Development

The second lecture in TERI SAS Lecture Series on Sustainability gives a detailed direction the OECD is taking towards policy coherence and governance for...
India’s Agrarian Situation A Discussion Featured Image

India’s Agrarian Situation: A Discussion

The first lecture in TERI SAS Lecture Series on Sustainability, Agrarian Crisis, Sustainable Development and Contemporary Farm Policies in India, discusses the agrarian situation...
Mission Zero - Audi’s Sustainability Project Featured Image

Mission: Zero – Audi’s Sustainability Project

Team ulaunch explains Audi’s policies on fighting climate change and their Sustainability Project named Mission Zero Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers,...
Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing – A Technological Revolution

Team ulaunch unveils and explains the future of technology: Quantum computing. The laws of traditional physics as we see around us do not work at...
Ever Given & Suez Canal Featured Image

Ever Given and Suez Canal – A Tragic Love Story

Team ulaunch sheds light on all that went down in the Suez Canal and more. What has happened? A massive cargo container ship called Ever Given...