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Our op-ed articles section where the team and external experts present their opinion and analysis on the latest happenings.

What is Cryptocurrency Crash

Cryptocurrency Crash

Team ulaunch sheds light on the steep crash in the Cryptocurrency market that wiped off more than $1 trillion in investor wealth. What has happened? After...
Vote-Bank Politics in India Featured Image

Vote-Bank Politics in India

This article aims to explain the concept of vote-bank politics as it occurs in India. In the usual contemporary setting, most of us have come...
Corona Outbreak Featured Image

Corona Outbreak: How the life of millions of migrants workers have changed after lockdown

The sight of the ISBT at Anand Vihar in New Delhi, thronged by thousands of migrant workers, was a horrifying one. Equally painful were...
The Relevance of Covid Drive in India Featured Image

The Relevance of Covid Drive in India

This article talks about the need to balance India’s resources with its needs for the COVID-19 vaccine. We all have been waiting for this auspicious...
Badaun Understanding the Causes of Rape in India Featured Image

Budaun: Understanding the Causes of Rape in India

In the Budaun district of Uttar Pradesh, a priest and two of his aides were accused of raping and killing a 50-year-old woman inside...
Mental Health in India Featured Image

Mental Health in India

This article presents the scenario of mental health in India, covering some of its underlying causes and potential solutions. The government budget for the fiscal...
Ecotourism Featured Image

Ecotourism: Preservation of Biodiversity in Developing Countries

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.- Moslih eddin saadi A sustainable environment is a necessity. While wondering about the economic benefits that...
Lockdown from Legal Lenses Featured Image

The Lockdown from Legal Lenses

Guest Article Raju, a migrant labourer, got his everything destroyed in the floods in Bihar. He then came to Delhi in search of a job...
Social Capital Featured Image

Social Capital

A Key to the Empowerment of Rural Women in India and Bangladesh Women in the rural areas of India and Bangladesh face multiple barriers while...
Women in Politics Featured Image

Women in Politics

This article discusses the status of women in politics, focusing specifically on Indian politics. In a society where men have dominated for almost all of...