Mission Zero - Audi’s Sustainability Project Featured Image

Mission: Zero – Audi’s Sustainability Project

Team ulaunch explains Audi’s policies on fighting climate change and their Sustainability Project named Mission Zero Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers,...
Tesla Entry in India Featured Image

ulaunch explains Tesla’s Entry in India

What has happened? Elon Musk led Tesla has finally entered India after years of speculation.The US electric vehicle giant has registered as Tesla India Motors...
Aakar Innovations Featured Image

Aakar Innovations – 100% Compostable Sanitary Napkins

Maharashtra based social enterprises’ compostable pads are environment, pocket and women-friendly. It creates awareness about healthy menstrual practices and generates employment for rural women...
The Worst Widespread Diseases in Human History Featured Image

The Worst Widespread Diseases in Human History

Team ulaunch sheds light on widespread diseases humanity has faced that have been and are ongoing. What is the classification of widespread diseases commonly used? Various...
Mental Health in India Featured Image

Mental Health in India

This article presents the scenario of mental health in India, covering some of its underlying causes and potential solutions. The government budget for the fiscal...
Women in Politics Featured Image

Women in Politics

This article discusses the status of women in politics, focusing specifically on Indian politics. In a society where men have dominated for almost all of...
Guvi Featured Image

GUVI – Making Coding Relevant

 This Chennai-based startup teaches coding and latest technologies in students’ native languages. India is a nation of composite culture that takes pride in its Unity...
Political Polarisation in the Digital Age Featured

Political Polarisation in the Digital Age

This article puts forth the interplay of politics and media, particularly social media, and how it has led to a more polarised world. Political polarisation...
Waste Ventures India Startup Featured Image

Waste Ventures India – Impactful Waste Management

This Hyderabad based, waste management startup is on a mission to tackle office and household waste while supporting waste pickers. Waste Management in India Our country...
Atmanirbhar Bharat Matters Featured Image

Why Atmanirbhar Bharat Matters?

During the 1962 Indo-China war, India, a young and economically weak democracy, had to divert its limited resources from welfare-oriented measures to sponsor overpriced...