IIT Prof, Charu Monga, Designs Over 200 Backpacks with Solar Lights To Help Kids in Villages Study.

“It’s fascinating how nature finds its way through the darkness. I found Jugnu the same way.” says Charu Monga, a professor of design at IIT.  Her innovation has brightened the lives of the children in living in remote hilly terrains where electricity is not readily available. She has incorporated solar light into a water-resistant backpack made of recycled plastic which children carry to school.

Charu Monga- Brightening Lives via Innovation
Charu Monga- Brightening Lives via Innovation.
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In the northeastern part of the subcontinent, the sun sets quite early. Infrequent power supply obstructs the children’s learning and playing time. Charu Monga has been conducting frequent workshops in the area that will help the community develop an innovative mindset. It was while interacting with a child during one such workshop, this obstruction was brought forth and she responded through innovation. 

Charu Monga- Brightening Lives via Innovation
Charu Monga- Brightening Lives via Innovation

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The solar light incorporated into the bag is charged as the children walk to school in broad daylight. This light can, later on, be taken out from the bag and be used as a torch or a power source. The bag pack also comes with innovative lab kits to spark the fuel of innovation in young minds. Charu’s desire to ignite the innovative spark is evident through her setting up of community innovation hubs that provide access to “Virtual Reality headsets and well-curated course content” that motivate children to innovate. “Jugnu is not just a backpack, it is a philosophy that helps you achieve whatever you dream of, ” says Charu.

Article by Vihita Nevatia, Team ulaunch.

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  1. This IIT professor’s innovative solar bags are really a boon for the children of remote areas. There are many more such innovatives like this which show how there is still hope for a better sustainable future.
    Nicely explained, team ulaunch.👌👌👌


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