PM Modi’s keynote address at United Nations ECOSOC

PM Modi delivered keynote address virtually at the United Nations ECOSOC session.

PM Modi called upon the international community to reform multilateral institutions like the UN to make it more representative of the current world order. PM Modi said, “Today the fury of the pandemic provides the context for its (UN’s) rebirth and reform. Let us not lose this chance.”

PM Modi’s keynote address at United Nations Economic and Social Council session

Skill, Re-skill and upskill…

In his message on World Youth Skills Day, Prime Minister Modi exhorted the youth to skill, re-skill and upskill in order to remain relevant in the rapidly changing business environment and market conditions. He congratulated the youth of the country on the occasion and said the world belongs to the youth due to their ability to acquire new skills all the time.

PM Modi’s address on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day

Responding to PM’s call, Puruma and ulaunch hereby pledge to provide industry relevant and job oriented skill training to the youth of our country.

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