On this opportune day, we pay our heartfelt gratitude to the warriors at the forefront of the Coronavirus pandemic. We thank our viewers, readers and all the people who sent us such beautiful moments/stories from their lives when they were most thankful for having a doctor in their lives.

We, at ulaunch, want to share those moments/stories with everyone so that we can thank doctors, nurses and everyone who is working day and night to fight COVID-19.

In general, I really respect the job that doctors are doing. But the day I actually realised the massive responsibilities doctors hold was the day my daughter fell ill the very day we moved to a new city. We didn’t know anyone in the city and were staying in a hotel. It was late at night and my daughter’s health had only worsened. Her body temperature shot up besides the fact that she had been vomiting after every meal. Me and my wife knew we needed a doctor to see her at that moment. We couldn’t wait till the morning. And we were lucky enough that the hotel where we were staying had a gem of a doctor. Although he had left for the day, the hotel staff gave him a call to check if it would be possible for him to come back. He didn’t refuse even once and said he would come by in a while. Dr. Rao has become like family since then. Although we have shifted cities again but when anyone in my family falls ill, we still call him up and never once has he not answered. I feel better consulting him over phone than visiting a doctor in the city I now stay in.
-Rajeev Janveja (Corporate Chef, Lemon Tree Hotels)

Once during my childhood days, it so happened that while playing I met with an accident and got an internal injury in my hand. So my mother took me to a doctor for treating the same. Being a child, I had started to feel very panicky as I couldn’t take the excruciating pain. But to my surprise the presence of that doctor and his benign personality itself assuaged half of my trouble. He made me feel as if I was all fine and nothing really happened to me. He also discouraged the use of any medicines and just recommended me a few simple exercises. This experience made me realise that any adversity can be alleviated if not overcome, by having an optimistic outlook towards life. I’ll always be grateful to that doctor for casting a magic spell with his words and making my pain almost go away and also for teaching me this life lesson.
– Kavya Sharma (Commerce Student, Delhi)

There’s a reason doctors are often compared to God, for their ability to grant us a second chance to our lives. The selfless capacity to sacrifice for others and the dedication to duty is matched only by the likes of our soldiers and police forces and we should all come together to thank them for their service.
– Haresh (Head of Operations, Skill Development, Puruma Advisory Pvt. Ltd.)

I am grateful to the doctors who helped my mom go through the toughest time of her life. Although sometimes forgotten, doctors play a huge role in our lives. They are the real heroes and true social capital.
– Manvi Chitkara (Student at International School of Management, Frankfurt)

6th December 2019, my father had met with a huge accident due to an unfortunate leap of fate. He was taken to a hospital, where I had met the most discourteous deft doctor of the century. We had no hope left but he was the only one who became our saviour. That’s why I guess it is rightly said, “A good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”
He indeed is one!
– Debjani Dey

It was 2 years back and I still remember that my college was about to start. It was the first year of my college and I was coming back from the market, it was then a dog came in front of me and to save him, I applied brakes and my scooter skid off! I got badly injured and my hands and knees were scratched. There was a nursing home nearby and I was lucky that the doctor was on his way to the nursing home and I was unconscious because of the accident. He helped me to reach the nursing home and helped me with wounds, if he wouldn’t have helped me, it could have been much worse.
– Abhipray Singh (B.Tech Student, Manipal University, Jaipur)

Once, on my way to the office, I twisted my ankle and was in severe pain. I called my uncle and went to see the doctor. He inspected my leg and found a fracture, then he applied the plaster and gave medications and some instructions for quick recovery. I was really thankful to the doctor for my quick recovery. They are the utmost watchers of our good health and well-being. I extend my gratitude to all the doctors for selflessly providing their services in these difficult times.
– Nikhil Srivastava

Since the time we take birth to the point we depart from this life, doctors play a significant role in our lives. Since the COVID-19 pandemic had spread all over the world, the pressure on their shoulders has been increased. They are treating patients at the cost of their lives and families. Nowadays we all must have come across the toys impersonating doctors & nurses. They live away from their families and support us to increase our sustainability with our beloved family members. We salute these warriors and owe them a lot.
– Vivek Dangwal

I was 4 years old when I had my first injury. I remember running towards the landline when I slipped and hit my head against an edge of the bed. I had a massive wound on my forehead. My mother rushed me to the hospital; the doctor suggested that I should get stitches. But my mother was sceptical of me getting stitches on my face and requested for some other alternative. At that time stitches were the only option people used to go with, but the doctor had some experimental skin glue which he then used to patch me up, and I walked away with no stitch marks.
– Dhruv Arora (B.Tech Student, Manipal University, Jaipur)

I was young and suffering from typhoid and the doctors really helped me out, not only by supporting me go through it physically but emotionally as well. As a kid I was scared and my doctor made me feel safe. Not a lot of people have the ability to make others feel safe. I believe every doctor is selfless and kind. I am thankful to them for being a social changemaker of our lives.
– Hitin Nandchahil

“DR.” These two small members of the English lexicon when put together, become a massive reason for social development. God is the one who is supposed to give life to us, in disguise. Although I have seen them performing their duties in white coats too. They selflessly look after our health and well being and in turn contribute to the economic growth of the whole country. So, with utmost gratitude and folded hands, I extend my immense thankfulness to every doctor who has ever existed and is existing in this world.

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  1. Nice initiative. Doctors really work hard and this pandemic has surely made us realise this fact.


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