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Do you know of lesser privileged children who want to study and earn an honest living?  Here’s your chance to connect them to a marvellous learning opportunity that will help even those who may have dropped out of school and are employed in exploitative jobs.

NavGurukul is offering a one-year free residential program for girls, women and transgender women from less privileged backgrounds. The program will focus on training in the IT sector along with placement opportunities.

Prospective students from India who are either class 10 graduates matriculate, drop out students and graduates from diverse educational backgrounds between the ages of 17 and 25 are invited to apply (flexible criteria). The selection process involves an interview test which can be conducted during the current lock-down. The test can be given at

The commencement, of course, will start after the current lock-down is suspended. Students will have opportunities to be placed as Software developers at IT firms, StartupsDigital Literacy trainers amongst others. More terms and conditions may apply. Please contact NavGurukul for more information.

Contact Navgurukul

45/1, 45/2, Avalahalli Huskur Panchayath, Anekal Taluk Dist, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560099.
Phone Number: 01140846385

We at ulaunch believe that education makes the difference in how one can be a productive member of society. As a platform for that supports community growth through innovative ideas, we endorse the change Navgurukul is trying to bring. This campaign aims to help lesser privileged members of the community attain gainful employment in the IT industry.

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